EM Quick Hits 30 Scaphoid Fracture, Therapeutic Hypothermia, HEADS-ED, Pelvic Trauma, Kratom, Femoral Lines

In this month's EM Quick Hits podcast: Arun Sayal on the nuances of assessment for scaphoid fractures, Justin Morgenstern on the evidence for therapeutic hypothermia post-arrest and the TTM2 trial, Sarah Reid on HEADS-ED mental health screening tool for children, youth and young adults, Andrew Petrosoniak on pelvic trauma and pelvic binder tips and pitfalls, Michelle Klaiman on what we need to know about Kratom and Anand Swaminathan on why femoral lines are often a great central line choice...

Episode 10 Part 2: Trauma Pearls and Pitfalls

In Part 2 of this episode on Trauma Pearls & Pitfalls Dr. Dave MacKinnon and Dr. Mike Brzozowski go through key management strategies and controversies surrounding head, neck, chest, abdominal, pelvic and extremity trauma, followed by a discussion on how best to prepare the trauma patient for transfer to a trauma centre.

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