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Global EM 1: Practicing EM in Bangladesh – Build It and They Will Come

Dr. Navpreet Sahsi describes the challenges of building an Emergency Department in Bangladesh and how the experience has shaped his outlook on Emergency Medicine practice in North America on EM Cases' first Global EM blog...

Ep 176 Orthopedic X-rays Master Class – Pitfalls in Obtaining and Interpreting MSK X-rays

Do not let a negative X-ray rule the day! Like almost all medical tests X-rays are far from perfect and should be ordered and interpreted only in the context of a thorough history and physical exam. In this 2nd part of our 2-part series on orthopedic x-rays with Dr. Arun Sayal and Dr. Yatin Chadha we discuss the pitfalls of obtaining and interpreting orthopedic X-rays, when orthopedic X-ray decision tools lead us astray, how understanding the concept of central ray helps dictate how we should order X-rays and interpret them, how the ring structure concept of the forearm and lower leg can remind us where to look for a second injury, when we need 3 views vs 2 views, when extra views like the clenched fist view and weight bearing views are indicated, why we should always look at the lateral view first, the limitations of ultrasound and CT in long bone and joint injuries and more...

ECG Cases 37 ECG interpretation in electrolyte emergencies

While most of us have a clear algorithm in our minds for the management of life-threatening hyperkalemia, the same may not be said about the other life-threatening electrolyte abnormalities. In this ECG Cases blog Dr. Jesse MacLaren gives us an approach to potassium, calcium and magnesium abnormalities including risk factor assessment, ECG interpretation and management pearls...

EM Cases Summit Tickets on Sale Nov 2nd, 10am EST

The peak Emergency Medicine educational experience is coming! Tickets for Virtual EM Cases Summit Feb 2-4, 2023 go on sale November 2nd at 10am EST at emcasessummit.com with limited spots for Simulation Sessions and Symposiums (Wellness, Rural EM and Global EM)...

Ep 175 Emergency Orthopedics Differential: SCARED OF Mnemonic – When X-rays Lie

In this main episode podcast, Dr. Arun Sayal creator of the CASTED course and Dr. Yatin Chadha a radiologist with a fellowship in MSK radiology, join Anton for Part 1 of 2 podcasts on Emergency Orthopedic Injuries. This episode focuses on a differential diagnosis of MSK injuries that are occult to X-ray with the help of the SCARED OF mnemonic. It ensures we pick up all the “can’t miss” diagnoses that can be easily overlooked when we do not integrate a pointed history and physical exam with the X-ray in front of us. Essentially, we discuss ‘when X-rays lie’ and offer up a variety of clinical pearls and pitfalls in assessing patients in the ED with MSK presentations…

EM Quick Hits 43 Pediatric Cannabis Poisoning, Esophageal Perforation, Brugada, Career Transitions in EM

On this month's EM Quick Hits podcast: Best of University of Toronto EM with Yaron Finkelstein on pediatric cannabis poisoning pitfalls, Brit Long on recognition and management of esophageal perforation, Jesse McLaren on 3 questions to diagnose Brugada Syndrome, Tahara Bhate on QI Corner, Constance Leblanc on maintaining wellness in career transitions from CAEP 2022...

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