ECG Cases 46 ECG in Fever and Infectious Disease

In this ECG Cases blog Dr. Jesse McLaren guides us through 10 cases, driving home the points that sepsis is a common cause of rapid Afib and diffuse ST depression with reciprocal ST elevation in aVR, myo/pericarditis is a diagnosis of exclusion, endocarditis or lyme carditis can cause AV block, PE can cause low grade fever and ECG signs of acute RV strain and that fever can unmask Brugada syndrome...

ECG Cases 45 ECG in Weakness and Neurological Symptoms

In this ECG Cases blog Dr. Jesse MacLaren guides us through 10 cases of patients who present with generalized weakness or acute neurologic symptoms and discusses how to look for ECG signs of dysrhythmias, electrolyte emergencies, acute coronary occlusion, and demand ischemia in patients with generalized weakness and in patients with neurologic symptoms, to consider predisposing factors like LVH; seizure-like activity from cardiac syncope; TIA/CVA embolic sources like atrial fibrillation or LV thrombus; or cardiac complications like stress-induced cardiomyopathy...

ECG Cases 44 ECG Interpretation in Epigastric pain, Vomiting

In this ECG Cases blog with Dr. Jesse McLaren we interpret 10 ECG cases and explore cardiac, metabolic and GI causes: We consider anginal equivalents, and look for ECG signs of Occlusion MI, including subacute occlusion from delayed presentations. We consider electrolyte disturbances and look for ECG signs of hyperkalemia or hypokalemia/hypomagnesemia, and we consider the differential of diffuse ST depression with reciprocal ST elevation in aVR, and false positive STEMI...

EM Quick Hits 50 Normal Unenhanced CT Renal Colic DDx, Perichondritis, Magnesium in Pediatric Asthma, Steroids for Pneumonia, OMI Cath Lab Activation

On this month's EM Quick Hits podcast David Carr on differential diagnosis of normal unenhanced CT renal colic, Leeor Sommer on recognition and management of perichondritis and auricular abscess, Suzanne Schuh on IV magnesium sulphate for pediatric asthma, Jess McLaren on Occlusion MI ECG interpretation requiring cath lab activation and Justin Morgenstern on update on steroids for pneumonia... Please support EM Cases with a donation:

Ep 184 Must Know Drug Interactions in Emergency Medicine

We miss potentially dangerous and even lethal drug interactions in EM more often than we realize. In this main episode EM Cases podcast with Dr. David Juurlink and Dr. Walter Himmel we review the common categories of drugs, the high risk patients and the key drug interactions that we need to know about in Emergency Medicine... Please support EM Cases by giving a donation:

ECG Cases 43 – ECG Interpretation in Shortness of Breath

In this ECG Cases blog we look at 10 patients with shortness of breath, and discuss how the ECG can be used to help diagnose cardiac, respiratory and metabolic emergencies. We discover that for STEMI/OMI vs subendocardial ischemia, we should look for STEMI(-)OMI, subacute OMI, and OMI in the presence of LBBB and RBBB, and consider the differential for diffuse ST depression with reciprocal ST elevation in aVR. For RV strain, acute vs chronic, we should look for signs of acute RV strain and chronic pulmonary hypertension. for low voltages we should consider pericardial effusion and other causes, and for hyperkalemia we should look for multiple signs of hyperkalemia as a guide for empiric calcium...

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