The year 2019 was the most successful year in EM Cases’ 10 year history with 1,907,362 podcast downloads reaching a total download count of nearly 10 million to date, as well as more than 1.6 million webpage views in 2019. We introduced the Quiz Vault (with 3,290 subscribers since it’s launch just a few months ago) to round out the EM Cases Learning System, our multimodal resources package (podcasts, shownotes, blogs, emails, videos, courses, ebooks) as well as the ECG Cases blog with Jesse MacLaren, who guides you through challenging ECGs and delivers golden nugget pearls and the EMU365 Videos.  2019 also saw the growth of the  CritCases blog, the Q & A Pearl of the Week, Just The Nuggets emails, the Waiting to Be Seen blog, and the 5th sold out EM Cases Course that featured a new second day dedicated to simulation.

Based on a blend of the number of podcast downloads, webpage views, social media engagement, number of positive emails and comments that I received, and my own favs, I’m pleased to bring you the EM Cases Best of 2019 Top 10. Many huge thanks to the entire EM Cases team, Advisory Board, SREMI, the amazing guest experts and you, the listeners of the podcasts, readers of the blogs, viewers of the videos and participants in the courses, for making 2019 another successful year for EM Cases!

And here they are…

EM Cases Best of 2019: Top 10

#10 ECG Cases 3: Can You Find the Subtle Inferior MI with Jesse MacLaren Link

#9 EM Quick Hits 7: Approach to Status Epilepticus, Codeine Interactions, Anticoags in Cancer, AF Rate vs Rhythm Control, Peripheral Vasopressors, Motivational Interviewing with Anand Swaminathan, David Juurlink, Brit Long, Ian Stiell, Justin Morgenstern, Michelle Klaiman  Link

#8 Episode 131 PEA Arrest, PseudoPEA and PREM with Rob Simard & Scott Weingart Link

#7 Journal Jam 15: Stress Testing After Negative ED Workup for MI with Justin Morgenstern & Rory Spiegel Link

#6 Episode 128: Low Risk Chest Pain & High Sensitivity Troponin with Andrew McRae & Eddy LangLink

#5 Episode 124: Burn & Inhalation Injuries with Maria Ivankovic & Joel Fish Link

#4 EM Quick Hits 6: Blunt Cardiac Trauma, AF Anticoagulation, Hydromorphone vs Morphine, Myasthenia Gravis, Venous Access  with Andrew Petrosoniak, Clare Atzema, Maria Ivankovic, Brit Loing and Anand Swaminathan Link

#3 Episode 129: ED Overcrowding & Access Block with Grant Innes, Howard Ovens & Sam CampbellLink

#2 Episodes 126/127: Drugs That Work & Drugs That Don’t Parts 1&2  with Justin Morgenstern & Joel  Lexchin Link, Link

#1 Barbara Tatham on Compassionate Care – From EM Cases Course June 2019 with Barbara Tatham Link