We are celebrating 10 years at EM Cases!

With the encouragement of one of my mentors Walter Himmel, inspiration from listening to EM:RAP and help from my brothers, I launched EM Cases in March, 2010. At the time, I was just experimenting with different ways of bettering my clinical practice and knowledge base while connecting with some really smart people in the EM community. Soon thereafter I met up for dinner with Michelle Lin (ALiEM), Chris Nixon (LiTFL), Scott Weingart (EMCrit) and Leon Gussow (Poison Review) to share ideas about the future of EM education. FOAMed was born in 2012 thanks to Mike Cadogan (LiTFL) and we witnessed an incredible acceleration and proliferation of high quality EM education resources as well as meaningful exhilarating EM interactions on social media. Inspired by all that I had learned from these amazing educators, we built the EM Cases Learning System, which includes the podcasts, the written summaries, the Q & A Pearl of the WeekJust The Nuggets emails, the Rapid Reviews Videos and the Quiz Vault. We offer the ECG Cases blog, Waiting to Be Seen blog, and live round table discussions, hands on procedural workshops and high fidelity simulation training at the EM Cases Course. More than 12 million podcast downloads, 10 million website page views and 6 sold out courses later, I continue to feel privileged to be at the helm 0f EM Cases as we enter our 2nd decade.

Based on a blend of the number of podcast downloads, webpage views, social media engagement, number of positive emails and comments that I received, and my own favs, I’m pleased to bring you the EM Cases Best of All Time 10th Year Anniversary Edition. Many special thanks to the EM Cases content team for their hard work, the EM Cases advisory board for their guidance, the guest experts for their wisdom, SREMI for their support and you, the readers, viewers and listeners of EM Cases for your loyalty and feedback.

And here they are…

EM Cases Top 13 Best of All Time 10th Anniversary

#13 ECG Cases 7 ST Elevation AvR – STEMI Equivalent? with Jesse McLaren

#12 Episodes 101/102 GI Bleed Emergencies with Anand Swaminathan, Salim Rezaie

#11 Journal Jam 15 Cardiac Stress Testing After Negative ED Workup for MI with Justin Morgenstern & Rory Spiegel

#10 Episode 60 Emergency Management of Hyponatremia with Ed Etchells & Melanie Baimel

#9 Episode 131 PEA arrest & PseudoPEA with Rob Simard & Scott Weingart

#8 Episodes 126/127 Drugs that Work & Drugs that Don’t with Joel Lexchin & Justin Morgenstern

#7 CritCases 7 – Pulmonary Hypertension with Michael Misch Susan Wilcox

#6 Episodes 118/119 Trauma – The 1st & Last 15 Minutes with Kylie Booth, Chris Hicks & Andrew Petrosoniak

#5 Episode 94 UTI Myths & Misconceptions with Andrew Morris & Justin Morgenstern

#4 EM Quick Hits 6 Blunt Cardiac Trauma, Atrial Fibrillation Anticoagulation, Hydromorphone vs Morphine, Myasthenia Gravis, Venous Access

#3  Best Case Ever 63 Failing up after Medical Error with Sara Gray

#2 Episode 65 IV Iron in EM with Jeannie Callum, Walter Himmel & Yulia Lin

and the winner is…….

#1 Episode 145 Physician Compassion – The Barbara Tatham Memorial Podcast with Barbara Tatham