As the new year dawns I’d like to thank so many people for making EM Cases a success in 2022. This past year saw more than 2.8 million EM Cases podcast listens and more than 2.9 million page views on the website. This would not have been possible without you, the listeners of the podcast and the users of the website, so thank you. And thanks to those of you have supported EM Cases by registering for the virtual EM Cases Summit Feb 2-4th 2023 – that money goes to ensuring that we continue providing the podcasts and the entire EM Cases Learning System on the website for free. There are so many people to thank behind the scenes – the entire EM Cases production team, the incredible guest experts, all the amazing docs who create the EM Quick Hits, the fine folks at SREMI and at Innov8 web solutions, University of Toronto EM and my wonderful family for their support.

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season, that you’re keeping well and that 2023 brings you tons of joy and satisfaction in your careers and your personal life.

Based on a blend of number of listens, feedback from listeners, website visits and my personal faves…

EM Cases Top 10 of 2022…

#10. EM Quick Hits 40 – GI Balloon Tamponade, SVT and Troponin, Falls in Older Patients, Vertical Vertigo, VAFEI Airway

#9. Journal Jam 21 Laceration Management – Does Timing of Closure, Irrigation, Gloves Type, Eversion Matter?

#8. Ep 164 Cardiogenic Shock Simplified

#7. EM Quick Hits 39 Overdiagnosis, Lytics for Submassive PE, Pericardial Effusion, Hemophilia Treatment

#6. ECG Cases 31 Is a 15 lead ECG better than 12? Diagnosing Posterior MI and RVMI

#5. Ep 173 Febrile Infant – Risk Stratification and Workup

#4. Ep 170 Cardiac Arrest – PoCUS Integration, Communication Strategies, E-CPR, Calling the Code

#3. EM Quick Hits 44 Fluids in Pancreatitis, Nasal Fractures, Delirium, DOSE VF, Intimate Partner Violence

#2. Ep 171 Posterior Stroke, EP Lead, HEAR Score, Ketamine for Suicidal Ideation, Peer Support Workers – Highlights from Calgary EM Hodsman Lecture Day

#1. Ep 172 Syncope Simplified with David Carr