The year 2017 was the most successful year in EM Cases 8 year history with more than 200,000 podcast downloads per month reaching a total download count of nearly 6 million to date, as well as nearly 1 million webpage views. We introduced the Rapid Reviews Videos series as part of our soon to be released EM Cases Learning System that will include a Q & A databank to round out our multimodal resources (podcasts, shownotes, blogs, emails, videos, courses and ebooks).  2017 also saw the growth of the  CritCases blog, the Q & A Pearl of the Week, Just The Nuggets emails, the Waiting to Be Seen blog, and the 2nd annual EM Cases Course.

Based on a blend of the number of podcast downloads, webpage views, social media engagement, number of positive emails and comments that I received, and my own favs, I’m pleased to bring you the EM Cases Best of 2017 Top 10. Many huge thanks to the entire EM Cases team, Advisory Board, SREMI, the amazing guest experts and you, the listeners of the podcasts, readers of the blogs, viewers of the videos and participants in the course, for making 2017 another successful year for EM Cases!

And here they are…

EM Cases Best of 2017 Top 10

#10 GI bleed Emergencies Part 1 & 2 with Salim Rezaie & Anand Swaminathan Link

#9  Best Case Ever 64 – Salicylate Poisoning with Hans Rosenberg Link

#8 Episode 104 Intracerebral Hemorrhage – The Golden Hour With Walter Himmel & Scott Weingart  Link

#7 Episode 92 Aortic Dissection Live from the EM Cases Course 2017 with David Carr Link

#6 Rapid Reviews Videos – Lyme Disease from EMU Conference 2017 with Leeor Sommer Link

#5 CritCases 7 – Pulmonary Hypertension with expert peer review by Susan Wilcox Link

#4 Journal Jam 11 – Post Contrast Acute Kidney Injury with guest Lauren Westafer Link

#3 Episode 91 – Occult Knee Injuries Pearls & Pitfalls with Arun Sayal & Hossein Mehdian Link

#2 Episode 94 – UTI Myths & Misconceptions with Justin Morgenstern & Andrew Morris  Link

#1 Best Case Ever 63 – Failing Up with Sara Gray Link